My Story


Thank you for visiting my page …this is me…. this is everything you need to know about me & how I run my business. Grab a cuppa OR a stiff drink 😉 & enjoy my story!

I have a gorgeous little family. A kind and generous Husband (Jason) who is my main cheerleader in life.

I have an adventurous 9 year old named Cooper who has big dreams. He loves his sport & tells me everyday that he is going to play for the Australian Cricket team when he grows up (heres hoping!!)

I also have a very cute little miss named Charlotte, she is 4 going on 14 she loves all types of dancing and singing really really loudly while no one is watching!

I’m a creative spirit and a country girl at heart! I was raised on a cattle property in the northern tablelands.

In my younger days after high school. I did a 2 year stint in the UK and loved every minute. I have travelled all over the world seeing some spectacular places & made some life long friends but to be honest there really is no place like home!

Im now based in the stunning Noosa Hinterland and I enjoy family adventure holidays , good food , great wine , a casual golf day and playing cricket in my backyard with my family!

Im a down to earth, easy going but very organised lassie. I have a strong work ethic with really big dreams. I believe in real friends, true love & having lots & lots of FUN!

My Photography.

I hope this sums me up to anyone who may be wanting me to shoot their wedding.

I feel all the nerves , I get excited with you , nervous for you , cry when you cry and totally get really involved in what’s going on around me on your wedding day.

I’m a woman of many talents & most of my close friends describe me as a hard worker that just does everything at incredible speeds while juggling 40 balls at once.

At your wedding I will chauffeur, buy coffees, entertain the kids , help with the dress, have a beer ( or 2) with the guys, tie ties , iron shirts , find your bouquet, sometimes even fix your bouquet , keep the day running on time if needed, fix hair ( ex hairdressing skills come in handy ) sew up your dress , put mozzie spray on you & your guests. Basically anything that’s needed, I’m there .

I really do feel honored to be there and I get caught up in the day.
In my imagery I try not to pose or touch anything to much on the day. I document what happens as it happens. That’s real life.

If an image makes me feel something, gives me gooseys, then it’s going in.

If it’s raining, wet, muddy and you’re up for it, I’ll do anything you guys want!! The more fun & unique the better your images will be!

Photography is more than a passion for me, it is the frame in which I have chosen to live my life. It’s my dream job, it is so special because of its capacity for making memories tangible.
I pride my self on my customer service. Couples pick me because I’m very human. I really care about them and want to make them feel well looked after and supported throughout the entire experience. I believe in only the best quality of products is acceptable and from the click of the shutter to the final print. I only use the best equipment and products that I trust and are of the highest of standards.

Knowing each person’s story means I can capture all those precious moments that matter, whether that’s on your wedding day or precious times with your family. I’m a lover of travel, exploring new places, meeting new people and immersing myself in different cultures.

I would describe my style of wedding photography as photojournalistic. While capturing formal portraits are important, I also believe that catching the ambiance of your day and the life-force of your invited guests is of equal priority. With a gentle eye, I will steer your formal photographs to best reflect your personalities, while simultaneously documenting those subtle yet profound candid moments that make up such an important day. I keep a keen watch as the day naturally unfolds so you have a document long after the day has passed you by.

Im a down to earth photographer who keeps things simple yet spectacular.

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